Why Do People Hate Fortnite? 16 Reasons Explained.

Fortnite is a free to play Battle Royale game from Epic Games.

In April 2020, Fortnite set an all-time total player record of 350 million registered users, making it one of the most popular games around.

However, not everyone is a fan…

Why people hate Fortnite?

There are a number of reasons why people hate Fortnite. The most common reasons are its toxic community of teens, boring gameplay, repetitive nature, and poor graphics. Players also get frustrated by the weapons bloom feature, as well as the micro-transactions and third-person shooter.

Read on to discover all 16 reasons why many people hate Fortnite.

Why Do People Hate Fortnite

1. Popularity

One reason Fortnite is so deeply unpopular is because of its success. In April 2020, Fortnite set an all-time total players record of 350 million registered users.

Even if only a small percentage of these players hate the game, that’s still a substantial amount of people.

Fortnite’s very popularity is another reason it’s so disliked. People don’t like things that are mainstream, and with its dances, merc, and media presence, Fortnite is extremely mainstream.

2. Toxic (Young) Community

According to Newzoo, 58% of Fortnite’s player-base are aged 25 or under, and it is renowned for being one of the most toxic gaming communities of all time.

This toxicity is encouraged by Fortnite pros and streamers, who publicly attack one another on Twitter. A new generation is being shaped by this behaviour, and this is one of the key reasons many gamers avoid it. 

Although there are, of course, other toxic communities out there (Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege and League of Legends being two examples), they’re not targeted at children. It’s this distinction that makes the toxic community so difficult to swallow.

3. Boring Gameplay

Yup, I said it: Fortnite is boring. Although each season brings a new map and new skins/drops, there’s no significant change to the gameplay

If you’ve played it once, you’ve played it a thousand times. For those looking for challenge and variety, Fortnite is not the place to go.

4. RNG (Random Number Generator)

The Random Number Generator (RNG) means that the game “drops” (or loot) is based on luck. No skill, no work; nothing but hope and prayers as you search buildings for weapons and other tools. By removing so much skill-potential from the game, Epic alienated a lot of players.

5. Building

The building aspect to Battle Royale is one of the few new things it brings to the game; however, that’s not to say that it makes the game more skill-based. The buildings are put together so fast there’s little to no strategy. It becomes much more about speed and maneuverability. 

The buildings also encourage defensive play, which is considered by many to be boring and unfair. They add little to the game except for drawn-out exchanges between players to make a higher building – hardly a fast-paced shooter experience.

6. Third Person Shooter

Fortnite is a third-person shooter game, which means the camera angle follows your character from behind and you can see what they look like. While this draws attention to character skins (their clothes and appearance), it detracts from the immediacy of the action.

If it had been a first-person shooter (FPS), it might have drawn more distinction between it and PUBG, which it is famously known for copying.

7. Addictive

Sounds like a good thing, right? Unfortunately, Fortnite’s addictive nature has made it a real problem for young children and teenagers who play it obsessively.

Health experts have even likened the addictive chemicals it promotes to drug addiction, causing cravings people can’t live without. Given this game is geared towards children, “Fortnite addiction” has triggered a considerable backlash.

8. Poor Graphics

The cartoonish style of the game has led to a lot of criticism about its “lame faces” and overly bright colors. It’s a game about fighting to the death that has been toned down to make it child-friendly, thus removing many of the features that make it realistic – and fun – to play. 

9. Repetitive

Another reason Fortnite is disliked is because of its repetitive gameplay. With no variety, change, or development, every game is the same.

Plus, the RNG-based gameplay doesn’t allow the potential for real progression.

10. Weapons Bloom

Bloom is the way your weapon’s crosshairs expand or shrink depending on the action you take. Bloom, therefore, reduces accuracy and increases the randomness of your shots.

Players often blame bloom for inaccuracy, and due to RNG, you can’t reliably get a legendary weapon (which grants increased accuracy).

11. Micro-Transactions

Although Fortnite Battle Royale is marketed as free to play, there are a host of micro-transactions within the game. Micro-transactions are in-game purchases, and are an increasingly popular method of gaining revenue; while successful, they are unpopular with many gamers.

Although Fortnite is not overtly pay-to-win, its addictiveness means that many people, including kids, are spending money on cosmetics (character skins and other customisable items) within the game. Each transaction may not be much money, but it quickly adds up and can become a serious spending problem.

Additionally, some of the latest skins can camouflage in the open, which gives these players a distinct advantage, and has sparked yet more criticism for Epic.

12. Overpriced Skins

The cost of skins (character appearances) is another reason many people hate Fortnite. Although the skins are not vital to play the game, they are one of Fortnite’s biggest draws, as it allows players to stand out and feel unique.

However, many of the exclusive skins are arguably overpriced. For example, the Galaxy skin was exclusively for players who ordered a Samsung Galaxy Note or the Galaxy Tab S4. The player then had to download Fortnite and play three games before being gifted with the skin.

Once again taking into account player addition and its young fan-base, it’s likely that many people chose to buy this phone specifically for this skin, rendering it extremely expensive.

A lot of skins are also only exclusively available for a short period of time, encouraging more people to purchase them before it’s too late. It’s a marketing ploy that’s extremely effective but takes advantage of its young players.

13. Lack of Skill Required

As mentioned before, Fortnite Battle Royale is not a game that has a high skill ceiling. There is very little to the game and given that it’s RNG-based, you can’t earn high-level weapons.

Lack of accuracy through bloom also means that it requires very little skill. As a result, it appeals to younger players and frustrates gamers looking for a challenge.

14. Lack of Incentive and Achievements

At the end of every season, levels are reset, meaning that players have to claw their way back up to level 100 once again – only to receive nothing when they get there.

Rewards are key to make a game popular; a game like Fortnite that doesn’t have a real reward system will, therefore, alienate many players. 

15. Risk-Reward System

When disembarking from the Battle Bus, you can choose where to go, but places with higher loot will also pose more risk, as more players will go there.

As a result, players will choose to “camp” (stay in one place and pick off other players from a hidden spot), which many feel is unfair and spoils the game experience.

16. Unfair Advantage of PC Gamers

Any cross-platform game has this issue: aiming with a mouse is simply more precise and allows for more accuracy while shooting. The higher frame rates that high-end PCs have also make a considerable difference.

Console players, of course, have Aim Assist to try and combat this, but many feel as though it’s not doing enough and that there is still a skill-gap. However, Battle Royale streamer Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenny complained that in fact, Aim Assist gives console players a greater advantage.

It’s possible to switch off crossplay, but this leaves a much smaller pool of players and greater lobby waiting times.

Final Thoughts – Why People Hate Fornite

Although Fortnite has a slew of things that appeal to younger gamers, the toxic community, repetitive gameplay, and low skill level have encouraged older and more experienced players to avoid it.

There are other games that offer the same things, such as PUBG (reportedly the game that “inspired” Fornite Battle Royale), or games that offer a more satisfying and realistic experience, such as Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Fortnite had a boom of popularity that broke records. However, its player base is slowly declining, and fewer people are playing. Fortnite’s moment of glory may truly have gone. 

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