12 Things Dropbox Is Commonly Used For

If you’ve been considering signing up for Dropbox, you might be wondering what kind of things people use it for.

In this article, we’ll look at 12 things Dropbox is commonly used for.

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1. Collaboration

Dropbox is an excellent tool for collaborating on projects and papers. All you have to do is share a folder or document with whoever you are working with and they will be able to work on and edit the file from anywhere. This is most useful in project settings, where multiple people need working access to all the project files at any time.

2. Backing Up Important Files

If you have ever lost precious photos or documents when a device was dropped in water or unexpectedly failed, you know the importance of having a reliable backup. Dropbox can store files of almost any type and can be used as a secure storage space for everything from photos of the kids to personal financial records. You can even set certain folders to back up automatically.

Here is an excellent video showing you how to perform real-time backups.

3. Accessing Files On Multiple Devices

File sync, the ability to access your files from anywhere, is one of Dropbox’s core features. Save any document to Dropbox on your computer and it will be immediately accessible from the Dropbox app on your phone. As long as a file is saved to your Dropbox, it is almost impossible to forget. File sync also ensures that any edits made on shared files are automatically updated so no time is lost manually sending new versions to collaborators.

4. Notetaking

Dropbox Paper, Dropbox’s dedicated word processor, is not as powerful as Microsoft Word but is an excellent tool for notetaking. Any document created in Paper will automatically appear on any device, making important notes from your meeting or the family grocery list available whenever you need them. Paper has custom templates as well, allowing you to create documents for specialized purposes and save the template for future use.

5. Sharing Photos, Videos, and Files

Dropbox is a simple and free way to share photos and videos with family members or clients in their original quality and resolution. All you have to do is create a link and share it with your desired recipient. The recipient will not have to download Dropbox to receive and download the media you have sent them. For a more in-depth look at sharing photos and videos, check out our previous articles!

6. Compatability With All Platforms

Dropbox is compatible with PC, Mac, Linux, IOS, and Android devices and can easily be set up to share files between these sometimes incompatible devices. It also has options for saving both Microsoft Word and Google Docs documents integrated into all its apps, making it a great place to unify all your work into one space.

7. Version History

Dropbox’s Version History allows you to access older versions of your documents in case of deletion or incorrect edits. If you have a Dropbox Basic, Plus, or Family plan you can access older versions of documents for up to 30 days. With a Professional, Standard, Advanced, or Enterprise plan you have up to 180 days.

8. Automated Folders

With automated folders, you can set rules that automatically apply to any file added to the folder. For instance, you can set a rule that automatically converts any file added to that folder to a PDF or a rule that automatically unzips compressed files when they are added to it. It is a useful feature for anyone who is tired of dealing with specialized documents individually or wants to automate changing files from one file type to another (JPG to PDF etc).

9. Scanning Documents

Dropbox creates online documents from physical media with its scan function. All you have to do is select scan and take a photo of whatever you want to be turned into a document. Dropbox will automatically create an editable online document from the scan. Dropbox allows you to use existing photos with the scan function as well.

10. Integrations With Other Apps

Widely used business applications like Slack and Zoom integrate directly with Dropbox. You will not have to leave Dropbox to send a message on your Slack workspace or to start a Zoom call with your collaborators. This reduces time spent moving between applications and makes collaborating on projects much easier.

11. Request Files From Others

Dropbox makes it easy to request any files you need from others in their app. Sending file requests allows you to receive files from anyone, even someone without a Dropbox account. It eliminates the need to give anyone access to your Dropbox accounts and limits time spent chasing people in email chains or text messages.

12. Sign Documents And Request Signatures

Dropbox is seamlessly integrated with the document signing service Hellosign. Hellosign allows you to sign legally binding documents and request signatures all within Dropbox. Giving clients an easy option to sign documents without needing to transfer paper contracts saves your business time and money sending contracts. Signees do not need a Dropbox account to sign.

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