Does Dropbox Reduce Video Quality? (We Tested It)

Dropbox was one of the first-ever cloud storage companies and is popular due to its ease of use and ability to sync files easily across multiple devices.

However, if you upload a video to Dropbox, you might notice that the video looks blurry when you try to view it. So, does uploading and sharing videos through Dropbox reduce video quality?

Uploading videos to Dropbox does not reduce the video quality. Although Dropbox does reduce the file size a tiny amount, it’s not enough to affect the resolution of the video. Videos look blurry on the Dropbox app and website because you are being shown a preview, not the full resolution video.

Read on to see the results of our tests and how you can ensure that you upload videos to Dropbox without losing any quality.

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Does Dropbox Compress Videos When You Upload Them?

Dropbox claims on their website that videos are not compressed when uploaded to Dropbox. To verify this claim, we transferred two videos from an Android device to one of our Windows PCs using Dropbox. Here are the results:

Original (Android)

Video 1- 70 MB @1080×1920
Video 2- 16MB @1080×1920 

Dropbox Download (PC)

Video 1 – 68.5MB @ 1080×1920
Video 2- 15.7MB @ 1080×1920

Each Video showed a slight decrease in file size from the original location on Android to the downloaded version on PC. We saw a similar reduction in size when we ran our image test and are confident that it does not indicate file compression. Both videos maintained their original resolution and passed the “eye test” when viewed after being downloaded.

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Why Do Dropbox Videos Appear Blurry?

Dropbox videos will appear blurry when viewed on the Dropbox app or a web browser. Dropbox only shows a preview of the video when viewed on its app or website to reduce the data sent on the user’s internet connection. In our next two sections, we will show you how to upload and share videos over Dropbox without losing quality.

How Can You Upload Videos To Dropbox Without Losing Quality?

To upload videos to Dropbox and share them across your devices without losing quality, follow these 6 easy steps:

  1. Open the Dropbox app or website.
  2. Click the plus icon on the bottom right-hand corner.
  3. Select the desired video and click upload.
  4. Open the Dropbox app or website on the device you would like to add the video. 
  5. In the app, click on the three dots next to the desired video, scroll down and click export and then save to this device. 
  6. On the website, click the three dots next to the desired video and select download.
  7. View your video in its original resolution.

Just a note, this process is based on the Android and Windows versions of Dropbox, but the process will be almost identical on Apple devices.

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How Do You Share Videos From Dropbox Without Losing Quality?

One of the best features of Dropbox is its ability to easily share files with loved ones or clients. To share your video from Dropbox without losing quality, follow these 5 easy steps:

  1. Open the Dropbox app or website
  2. Select the three dots next to your desired video 
  3. Select Copy Link, the link will automatically be saved to your clipboard
  4. Paste the link into a message or email and send it to the desired recipient
  5. Have the recipient download the video to their device using the steps from the previous section.

Using the Copy Link option is the simplest way to share videos via Dropbox. You can also use the Share feature, which allows you to send the video to the person by entering their email. Always make sure the recipient downloads the video using the outlined steps and you can share any video through Dropbox without losing quality.

This is an excellent video showing you how you can share HD videos without losing quality:

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